9 Common Myths about Vinyl flooring busted!

30 December 2019




9 Common Myths about Vinyl flooring busted!

You’ve probably heard about vinyl flooring. It’s been around for a long time. But since the early days, it’s come a long way and is now becoming the preferred flooring choice for homes and commercial spaces. You may be considering vinyl for your own space but have heard a few things that make you unsure.  Here are some common misconceptions about vinyl flooring, busted!

1. It looks fake!

This may have been the case a few years ago, but vinyl has evolved since then. With R&D and technology advances, vinyl manufactured in Europe and the US uses state-of-the-art technology that achieves the depth, dimension and texture of real wood or the look and feel of real stone. It looks and feels so real that even a very discerning eye can’t tell the difference. Welcome to the latest high-end vinyl called Luxe Natural-Look Vinyl or LNV for short.

2. All vinyl flooring products are the same

Not all vinyl flooring products are manufactured equally. Cheaper vinyl flooring products are thinner which means less resistance to water, more susceptible to damage from wear and tear, don’t have a UV protective layer, and have a shorter lifespan. Depending on where they are manufactured, the safety standards can also be questionable given the lower grade materials being used.

3. Vinyl and Laminate are the same thing

Not true at all. Their core is significantly different. Laminate core is made of wood by-products which means they are not resistant to water damage. The top surface is a hard, transparent plastic wear layer that covers the printed design layer. As the core is a wood product, it will soften and swell if it is exposed to water. The core layer will “warp” and not resume its original dimensions after it has dried.

LNV on the other hand is 100% synthetic and made from multiple layers of solid composite material which is water and bacteria resistant and very resilient. This makes it the perfect floor for households with children, pets a well as allergy sufferers.

4. High-end vinyl costs are high

In fact, LNV is surprisingly affordable compared to real wood and stone. Plus, it’s easy to maintain and doesn’t require resealing or waxing so it works out to be even more economical in the long run. You get a luxurious looking floor for far less than what you would pay for hardwood or real stone.

5. Vinyl is not durable

LNV is manufactured from extremely robust and resilient materials and can take anything you throw at it, literally! It’s also scratch-resistant too, so very suitable for kids and pets. Whether using LNV in your home or for commercial applications, you can rest assured that you are using a high-quality product that is designed and manufactured to last. With LNV you will typically get a 10-year guarantee and even lifetime for some LNV products.

6. Vinyl is difficult to maintain

On the contrary, LNV is designed with easy maintenance in mind. Vacuum if you like, but even just sweeping and mopping when needed, will keep your LNV floor looking brand new for a very long time. Being water resistant, it’s easy to clean up spills.  Mopping the floor will cause no seepage at all into the core. In short, LNV super easy to maintain.

7. Vinyl uses glue for installation

This was perhaps true in the old days. Now, LNV is installed using a click and lock system where the vinyl tiles simply lock into place for a gapless, grout free and seamless look. Installation is quick and fuss free and a small apartment can be easily completed within a day.

Also, if for any reason you need to replace a vinyl tile, simply unlock and replace the single tile. Now that’s super convenient.

8. Vinyl flooring is not safe

LNV that is manufactured in the US and Germany conforms to the highest safety standards. These floors are anti-bacterial, anti-termite, 100% Phthalate-free and 100% Formaldehyde free and come with CE EU product safety marking. Rest assured you and your family will be ultra-safe with LNV floors.

So there you have it. LNV is really a great choice for your home or business, given the fact that you have a choice of stunning designs with all the added benefits and yet is very affordable.

At Europlast, we are proud to bring you the finest Luxe Natural-Look Vinyl, world-class premium quality vinyl made in Germany.  With its stunning natural wood and stone designs and surprisingly affordable prices, LNV helps you create the dream space you’ve always wanted, within budget!

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