It all began with us wanting to renovate our new office with a great flooring product that looked great, was easy to install and maintain, and wouldn’t cost us an arm and a leg!


Partnering with the BEST in the Industry

It is our honour and privilege to partner with an industry leader PARADOR to bring you stunning LUXE NATURAL-LOOK VINYL floors for your home.

Manufactured in Germany, PARADOR has pioneered premium vinyl flooring and won many design awards, the latest of which is the coveted German Design award 2020, a Gold standard industry award.

While quality and innovation are synonymous with PARADOR, the company has also been lauded for their excellent work in sustainability and product delivery with a very low carbon footprint.

All PARADOR flooring products meet the highest EU safety standards.

Thus, YOU can rest assured that your floors are free of harmful and toxic materials.

It’s time to elevate your living and enjoy your new space with complete peace of mind!

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Yes, we care about the planet too!

How green are our products you ask? As green as you can possibly get! Manufactured by Parador Germany , our products reflect the highest standards of sustainability on the planet. In fact, they surpass European legal standards from production to packaging and low carbon footprint shipping. Now you can enjoy your dream space with the peace of mind knowing that you have done your bit for sustainability and have a world-class green certified product.

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