7 Important considerations for choosing your vinyl flooring

30 December 2019




7 Important considerations for choosing your vinyl flooring

Vinyl is increasingly becoming the most popular choice for flooring for both homes, offices and commercial spaces. But is it the right floor for you? This will help you decide.

Vinyl has come a long way (from the old 80’s linoleum) and is now a serious contender to replace real wood or stone. Vinyl flooring has evolved probably more that any type of flooring in the last decade. With R&D and technology playing a big part, the vinyl of the 80’s is well behind us. Welcome to the next generation vinyl product. Vinyl so natural looking, so resilient, so luxurious and so cost effective, let’s call it Luxe Natural-Look Vinyl or LNV for short.

Here’s a few things to consider that will help you make your mind if LNV is indeed the right flooring for you.

1. Cost

This is probably the most important consideration of all. When you compare it to real wood, stone or ceramic tile, LNV is very cost effective. Plus, when you consider that you do not have to replace these due to scratches, marks, water damage or UV damage, it works out to be even more economical in the long run.

2. Easy to Install

Most vinyl floors are much easier to install than any other kind of flooring. In fact, these floors can also be installed over concrete or wood floors. Superior technology today has led to innovative one-click installation systems that make these floors a breeze to install. It typically takes a day to cover a small apartment of around 1200 sq ft. Good luck trying to achieve this with wood, stone or ceramic tiles.

3. Durability

If durability is what you are looking for, wood although it looks and feels great is the least durable and scratches easily. Wooden floors also require waxing and resealing every couple of years which is a real hassle. Ceramic tiles and stone are technically very durable but can chip, crack or stain easily. If you have toddlers running or crawling around playing with their toys or pets walking around, wooden or ceramic floors are perhaps not the best choice for you.

LNV floors on the other hand are engineered for rough use and are water and bacteria resistant making it the perfect choice for households with pets and children. The UV protective layer on them means the colour won’t fade. And the added protective layer covers heavy duty use and wont scratch or stain easily. Most luxury vinyl products offer a minimum 10-year guarantee and lifetime for some versions of the product. If only everything else in your home came with this guarantee!

4. Easy Maintenance

In terms of maintenance there is really no comparison to vinyl floors which are a breeze to clean. Stains and spill? Just wipe with a damp cloth. For daily maintenance, you can sweep or vacuum and mop. Your floors will look as shiny and new as on the day you installed them for years to come! Pity we can’t say the same for wooden floors.

5. Design

LNV stunning flooring designs will literally floor you! With superior technology they mimic the look and feel of real wood and stone and can fool even the most seasoned and discerning expert. The trend these days is to stay true to nature and move away from a ‘manufactured’ look. This is where LNV really shines.

So whether you’re after a country or contemporary industrial grunge or modern minimalist look, the stunning design ranges available in LVN can definitely help you achieve your design vision.

6. Comfort

Luxury Natural look vinyl comes in thick so it’s very soft and comfortable to walk on and crawl on and best of all, it absorbs noise! No more clickety clack of shoes or pet’s feet and no more thumping when the kids indulge in a rough game!

7. Versatility

With its high durability and easy maintenance, LNV flooring is really the perfect choice for both homes, offices and commercial and retail spaces. At home, it can be used in kitchens, living room, bedrooms and playrooms. It is also ideal for nurseries and even pet day care and boarding centres. You also get multiple plank sizes to play around with and bring your creativity to life. Have you noticed that suddenly, your favourite restaurants, grocery stores and café’s have beautiful floors that look like real wood? Well, that’s all vinyl!

We hope this has helped make things clearer for you. If you think you are ready to explore Luxe Natural-Look Vinyl for your space, we at Europlast would be delighted to help you.

We are suppliers of Luxe-Natural Look Vinyl, (we coined the term by the way) quite simply the highest quality luxury vinyl that is manufactured in Germany and surprisingly affordable.

For more information or to see the stunning designs we offer simply click here for our free e-brochure.

You can also call us on 9720 1169 and speak to our vinyl flooring experts who will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

We can’t wait to help you achieve your design vision and elevate your living!

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