3 Inspiring home design ideas using luxury vinyl flooring that will floor you

30 December 2019




3 Inspiring home design ideas using luxury vinyl flooring that will floor you

Planning to upgrade or renovate your landed property or apartment? Here are three fabulous floor design themes that use Luxe Natural-Look Vinyl that will make your friends go “wow.”

But before we go ahead, let us help answer the question that’s probably in your mind right now i.e. “What is Luxe Natural-Look Vinyl?”

Luxe Natural-Look Vinyl or LNV for short, is a next-generation vinyl flooring product made in Germany. Vinyl so perfect that is extremely hard to tell from real wood or stone. It’s also very safe, very simple to install (no hacking involved) ultradurable and very environmentally friendly. Best of all, LNV is very affordable compared to real wood or stone. LNV comes in stunning designs that are guaranteed to elevate your living and impress your friends!

It’s not surprising that given its great look and feel, versatility, benefits and cost-effectiveness, LNV is the preferred choice of flooring today from homes to retail and commercial spaces and perhaps even in your neighbourhood café that just upgraded their space.

Here are three stunning design ideas to help inspire your new space:

1. Timeless Oak

You can’t deny that the look and feel of wood has a very special appeal. There is a certain mystique and magnificence to oak that never quite goes out of style. The feeling of being close to nature uplifts you with every step and lends a wonderful touch to your new space.

Here is where LNV really shines. With its natural-looking intricate wood grain and textures, LNV truly looks and feels like real rich oak wood.

You get fabulous designs ranging from dark to mid-tones without the exuberant cost and hassle of using real wood. No need to worry about warped surfaces and ugly stains and scratches and polishing every couple of years. You can enjoy your oak wood vinyl floor with absolute peace of mind.

Just throw some rugs and a few stand out furniture pieces to complement your gorgeous floor and voila! Your dream space has now come alive! From antique to modern, enjoy the splendour of oak, with all the shades and textures this design offers.

Now, you have all that you possibly need from your floor, to design and create your picture-perfect habitat and be close to nature.

2. Modern industrial Chic

Earlier, the exclusive domain of high-end museums and designer showrooms, the modern industrial look is now slowly making way into people’s homes and fancy retail and F&B outlets.

With remarkable advances in vinyl production, luxury vinyl tiles can now mimic stone and polished concrete so well, that even a seasoned mason or civil engineer would be easily fooled.

One of the key benefits of this design is in its striking seamless look. With its click and snap technology, vinyl tiles with this design can be installed fast and ‘gapless’ for that ultimate seamless look that is simply stunning. A look that is raw and unrefined, yet chic, polished and ultra- stylish.

You can now enjoy a modern and contemporary industrial ambience in your very home without the mess and fuss of using real stone or concrete.

This design is literally your stepping-stone to achieving a designer look that is very trendy. Now all you need is that designer wireframe couch to complete the experience!

3. Scandinavian Delight

A very hip and trendy look that is getting increasingly popular with homeowners and high-end retail establishments alike. Beautiful long straight grains with pastel white shades creates a sense of openness and airiness.

The light and pale Pine brushed textures are reminiscent of the pure and pristine Scandinavian forests.  What grabs you at first sight, is the attractiveness of a white and bright minimalist look. You definitely won’t want to clutter this beautiful space. Your spectacular floor is the star here!

To complete your Nordic sanctuary, all you now need are a couple of signature furniture pieces with white accents and a soft rug. Pity we don’t have winter in Singapore, but who said you can’t crank up the aircon and enjoy your very own Nordic lifestyle moment?

We hope this has helped spark ideas for your space transformation. If you think you are ready to explore Luxe Natural-Look Vinyl for your space, we at Europlast would be delighted to help you.

We are suppliers of Luxe-Natural Look Vinyl, (we coined the term by the way) quite simply the highest quality luxury vinyl that is manufactured in Germany and surprisingly affordable.

For more information or to see the stunning designs we offer, simply click HERE for our free e-brochure.

You can also call us on 9720 1169 and speak to our vinyl flooring experts who will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

We can’t wait to help you achieve your design vision and elevate your living!

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